Why Choose Us?

grand junction work injury doctorMedical Treatment Philosophy

WorkPartners views the injured worker as a coach would view an injury to a star athlete.  The sooner treatment is started for an injury, the greater the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Work Partners believes that with early and aggressive treatment, along with proper education, the injured worker has a better chance of achieving full recovery. WorkPartners improves the quality of life for injured workers, reduces the amount of loss time injuries, reduces a company’s overall medical expenses, improves a company’s Workman’s Compensation Insurance experience.

The goal of WorkPartners is quality care for your employees that will bring them back to work quickly and safely. In addition to acute injury care, WorkPartners believes in preventative health programs that include ergonomics (individualized to the workplace for the employee), drug and alcohol testing, fitness for duty evaluations, executive physicals, and more.

WorkPartners represents the first, and most comprehensive full-service occupational medicine clinic in the area. We are continually “raising the bar” for service and capabilities.

Onsite X-Ray Capability

WorkPartners has on-site x-ray capabilities staffed with a doctor and tech. This service allows feedback to the provider’s enabling them to make immediate decisions necessary to treat the injured worker aggressively and appropriately.

Injury Prevention Philosophygrand junctiuon work injury hard hat

In our effort to create the ultimate Occupational Medicine Facility, WorkPartners could not overlook the value of injury prevention.  As a result, our valued patients are encouraged to take advantage of the many free injury prevention presentations we have to offer—as well as our ergonomic evaluations, pre-employment, fit-for-duty testing programs—and other innovative programs we have to offer! 

Chiropractic Philosophy

As we continue to make advances in occupational medicine, WorkPartners is amazed at the same day results we are able to generate through chiropractic massage and manipulation.  In cooperation with a proper medical examination and treatment, chiropractic manipulation has accelerated recovery time for injuries to the low back, neck, and the extremities. 

Through time and experience, WorkPartners has come to appreciate the importance of manual therapy for injured workers.  Since chiropractic physicians are extensively trained in manual therapy, the results that occur when an injured joint is manipulated are amazing! It is not uncommon to see an individual escorted into the clinic in a wheelchair and—after appropriate management and care—see the worker able to walk out under their own power! Many times the worker can be put back to full-duty at their own request. Please remember, chiropractic care is available without an appointment!

Drug & Alcohol Collection Capabilities

WorkPartners knows that with work related injuries comes the need for a post accident drug testing. WorkPartners also knows that employers need a reliable source for DOT, non-DOT, hair collection, Breath Alcohol Tests (BAT), and other worker health care services. With a Medical Review Officer (MRO) on board, WorkPartners has developed a toxicology results department around the your specific needs. Adhering to your company policies—along with meeting state and federal regulations—are all part of what we do on a daily basis to ensure your company remains in compliance.